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Tools to engage people of other faiths with the truth, goodness and beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Our New Reality

In 2016 in the United States, we can no longer assume the Christian faith is the default religion of our culture. For many of us it makes us sad, alienated, even fearful. We have three ways we can respond to this new reality:


  1. ignore it and cloister ourselves from the culture,
  2. rage against it and fight it with force and vitriol, or
  3. engage our culture with the Gospel in the same spirit and methods of ministry we see modeled by Jesus when He spoke with the woman at the well and  by Paul when he shared his faith with the great debaters on Mars Hill.


Our Best Response


In this series of discussions, we will be  considering the way of engagement. We will explore the major religions of our day—including those who would rather think of themselves as being irreligious—and seek to understand what they believe, why they believe it, and how we, as Christians, can find windows of opportunity to share Jesus’ Good News with them.

Our Confirmed Hope


Our generation’s journey of faith has taken an unexpected turn from generations of the recent past. In many ways our journey of faith more closely resembles the generations that first followed Christ two millennia ago: living in a culture not familiar with Jesus and His amazing work of redemption. Let’s marvel at what God accomplished through them. He can do the same through us. There’s much we can learn from believers of the past and much we can do to participate in God’s great work in our time & culture.