Exerpt from My New Book: Eclipse of Faith

An unflinching, hard-minded look into faith and doubt. In a highly engaging storyline, Eclipse of Faith chronicles a journey: a reluctant journey of one man questioning his faith (to the core of God’s very existence), exploring options, and coming to unconventional conclusions. It s a journey guided by the great thinkers of human history and a journey that explores the faith-claims of many religions from the view of each faith s most faithful: their leading teachers, thinkers, and most revered holy men. Join the author in a disorienting whirl of a worldview being examined, then clarified. Ask yourself: Why do I believe what I believe? And, how do I know it is really true? One man s doubt caused him to scour the world s leading religions for answers. What he discovered changed him forever. Follow his unsettling journey in Eclipse of Faith.

Finally, after three intense years of writing and editing, my latest book Eclipse of Faith, is now available.

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Living In Light of Man’s Chief End: Lesson 1, What in the World Are We Talking About?

Lesson 1: What in the World are We Talking About?

Lesson 1: What in the World are We Talking About?

What does it mean to “Glorify God and enjoy Him forever?” And how are we doing individually and as a body of Christ in this regard? Man’s ontological angst: being a creation and not a god.

This conversation kicks off a 12-week exploration of the implications of man’s chief end. This lesson also delved into the veracity of the claim that man’s chief end is to “glorify God” and “enjoy him forever”? Did the Westminster Divines have it right? Or is there a better alternative to their understanding of man’s chief end?

Explore the Christian’s Summum Bonum: “blessedness” (flourishing) and how it aligns/contrasts with Aristotle’s eudaimonia.

See Lesson 1: What in the World Are We Talking About on YouTube

Living Christianly in a Pluralistic Culture Talk #3 Modern-Day Judaism

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How can we live Christianly with Judaism? What do Jews believe? And how can engaged Christians understand what people ofJewish tradition face in our 21st Century Culture? This talk goes into the worldviews held by many stripes of Judaism that is practiced today and it helps Christians understand Jewish thinking on the Holocaust (Shoah), Jesus of Nazareth’s Messiahship, and the Jewish role in the world as God’s Chosen People.

Living Christianly in a Pluralistic Culture Talk #2: Pluralism in Christianity

Link to video: click here.

This talk focuses on the many sects, and divisions within the Christian community worldwide and in the United States in particular. We discuss how the major camps of Christianity are similar and distinctive. Also, we discuss the central theological statement of the Nicene Creed and if there is any hope for reunification of the churches: ecumenism.

Living Christianly in a Pluralistic Culture #1: Living Christianly


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Tools to engage people of other faiths with the truth, goodness and beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Our New Reality

In 2016 in the United States, we can no longer assume the Christian faith is the default religion of our culture. For many of us it makes us sad, alienated, even fearful. We have three ways we can respond to this new reality:


  1. ignore it and cloister ourselves from the culture,
  2. rage against it and fight it with force and vitriol, or
  3. engage our culture with the Gospel in the same spirit and methods of ministry we see modeled by Jesus when He spoke with the woman at the well and  by Paul when he shared his faith with the great debaters on Mars Hill.


Our Best Response (more…)

Why I Roll Tide Midst a Sea of Tiger Paws

SAT. JAN 9, 2016, GREENVILLE, SC: I live in the Upstate: the westernmost point of the slice of the pie that is South Carolina. And, on this particular weekend, I sit in the epicenter of all things Clemson football. On Monday the Clemson Tigers, undefeated and ranked #1 in the nation, play the University of Alabama Crimson Tide for the National Championship of college football. Currently, the Upstate is drunk with football, regaling each other with the exploits of Clemson’s favored sons (like Deshawn Watson, Wayne Gallman, and Jayron Kearse), and the possibility its hometown team will complete a perfect season by defeating the most reviled team in all of sports coached by the most resented of coaches: Nick Saban. I sit here alone wearing a crimson trimmed hoodie clashing with an army of orange shirts, hats, and tiger paw car flags. (more…)

Redeeming Marriage Week 6: Marriage and Romance

Marriage and Romance

Link to talk on Marriage and Romance

What should the attitude be for Christians as it pertains to the romantic and sexual dimensions of our marriages. This talk explores this very important topic in a current cultural context.

Steve Whigham gave this talk on October 19, 2015 at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

To see the video, click on the picture above or copy this URL into your browser: https://youtu.be/8A9YrYQlJGs

Redeeming Marriage Week 5: Marriage and Divorce

Marriage & Divorce

Click here to see video on my talk on Divorce.

Divorce has become the new normal for Western societies. In this video Steve Whigham discusses the cultural trends that are creating rising divorce rates and how we, as Christians, can better deal with these realities.

Many churches are ill-equipped to deal with couple considering divorce and are equally ill-equipped to help those suffering from divorce. This discussion gives us some things to contemplate in oder to help with this growing problem.

Steve Whigham gave this talk at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Travelers Rest, SC on October 11, 2015. Click on the picture above or type in this address into your browser to see the video:  https://youtu.be/cuZhaAdib1g