Living Christianly in a Pluralistic Culture Talk #3 Modern-Day Judaism

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How can we live Christianly with Judaism? What do Jews believe? And how can engaged Christians understand what people ofJewish tradition face in our 21st Century Culture? This talk goes into the worldviews held by many stripes of Judaism that is practiced today and it helps Christians understand Jewish thinking on the Holocaust (Shoah), Jesus of Nazareth’s Messiahship, and the Jewish role in the world as God’s Chosen People.

Living Christianly in a Pluralistic Culture Talk #2: Pluralism in Christianity

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This talk focuses on the many sects, and divisions within the Christian community worldwide and in the United States in particular. We discuss how the major camps of Christianity are similar and distinctive. Also, we discuss the central theological statement of the Nicene Creed and if there is any hope for reunification of the churches: ecumenism.

Living Christianly in a Pluralistic Culture #1: Living Christianly


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Tools to engage people of other faiths with the truth, goodness and beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Our New Reality

In 2016 in the United States, we can no longer assume the Christian faith is the default religion of our culture. For many of us it makes us sad, alienated, even fearful. We have three ways we can respond to this new reality:


  1. ignore it and cloister ourselves from the culture,
  2. rage against it and fight it with force and vitriol, or
  3. engage our culture with the Gospel in the same spirit and methods of ministry we see modeled by Jesus when He spoke with the woman at the well and  by Paul when he shared his faith with the great debaters on Mars Hill.


Our Best Response (more…)